David Bowie – an example of authenticity at work.

He didn’t follow the rules, he made his own way and was loved even more because of it.

He was focussed and hard working and chose to work with the best people, not necessarily the famous or popular ones.

Generous with his talents and his money, he helped many.

Musically, he was brave enough to push boundaries and not settle for the ‘tired and tested.’  I was a big fan but I didn’t like everything he did.  He wouldn’t have cared – he made music for himself and not to impress others and so he was able to express himself fully without fear of judgment.

He kept changing things in his personal life to stop himself becoming “philosophically corpulent.”

And he had a voice you could swim in.

What a legacy. 

Let’s remember that there is an us-shaped hole in this world that only we can fill.  Let’s not try to be someone else.  Who we are is enough and all we need to be.