What my clients say

“I’ve been running my own business for over 10 years but Karen’s help and advice has meant that this year it has risen to another level of success.

I have earned more money than I have ever earned and am working efficiently and profitably.

Karen is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and her ideas have helped develop my business beyond expectation.

I would recommend seeing Karen as the best investment you will ever make.”




“I went to see Karen to see if she could help improve my confidence in a business context.  I was facing some major challenges.

Karen helped me to change my approach and enabled me to view things in a more positive light.  I was surprised and delighted with how much more effectively I’ve been able to manage stressful situations after just a few short sessions.

I found her calm, kind, no-nonsense approach quickly got to the heart of the matter and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who finds themselves feeling overwhelmed by circumstances and needing a way out.”


International Sales Manager

“I came to see Karen because I knew something was holding me back and I couldn’t really work out what it was.  I’m pretty good at getting things done but things weren’t connecting up the way I wanted them to and I couldn’t work out why I was stopping myself.  I didn’t realise that I was literally standing in my own way.

I had been letting my past determine my future.

I’ve now got a lot of clarity about where I am, what I’m good at and where I’m going.

I wish I had come to see her 12 months ago!”


Business Owner, Marketing

“The first thing one notices when meeting Karen is her seemingly indomitable smile, enthusiasm and such positive energy.  No matter how I may be feeling when I go into a session, I can be confident that I will be feeling calm, refreshed and at peace by the time I leave.

Karen is a great listener, brilliant coach and consummate professional.

Her wisdom, combined with the breadth of her experience and knowledge, has helped me quickly sort out a number of issues that nagged and troubled me over many years.

Karen has a gift and if you have any reason or need to speak with her, just take up her offer of one introductory chat.  You will not look back.” 



“When I first went to see Karen, I had been suffering from chronic migraine for a number of years.  This had led to depression and extreme anxiety.  I really struggled to leave the house for fear of having a migraine and not being at home.

Karen was recommended to me by a trusted friend and I’m so glad she was.  We chatted initially on the phone and I immediately relaxed and felt I was talking to someone who understood me.

My sessions with Karen were always rather lovely even when dealing with issues that were hard for me.  I always felt Karen was completely on my side and would do everything she could to help me.

I have improved significantly with friends and family commenting on how well I’m now able to deal with having a debilitating illness.  I have been able to return to work and I feel much more positive about the future.”


University Lecturer

“Karen is a wonderful therapist.  I came to see her and found her techniques and her soothing understanding of life’s complexities a real comfort and resulted in concrete and long term relief from my anxieties.

Karen’s enthusiasm, conviction and dedication to her work is a rare energy to be found.  Because of this I’ve recommended Karen to others and she has also worked with my teenage daughter, giving her some solid tools for life’s emotional struggles, making a big difference and allowing her to move forward positively.

I would have no hesitation in going to see Karen again or asking her to treat any member of my family.”



“I  have seen Karen for various issues and she has been amazing.

I had not had any form of hypnotherapy or coaching before and was unsure quite what to expect but Karen was quick to put me completely at ease.

She is extremely calming and easy to talk and listen to.

Her sessions are relaxed and varied, giving me a number of techniques that I was able to take away and use to great effect on my own.

I have had no hesitation in recommending her to a number of friends and colleagues.”


Project Manager

“I wholeheartedly recommend Karen.

She helped me to think bigger, create more opportunities and take my business to a whole new level.”



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