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Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Specific Issues


Since 2008, I have been using Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy to help people do what they want to do but have struggled to do on their own.  

Cognitive Hypnotherapy offers a fast and effective solution to specific issues.  The aim is to get you back on track or back to feeling ‘normal’ or better equipped to cope with situations, eg interview or performance anxiety, as soon as possible.

You may have an issue that you would love to solve but something keeps holding you back.  I help to remove these limiting beliefs and unhelpful patterns of behaviour that are preventing you from enjoying your life or fulfilling your potential.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”

– C G Jung

This 3 minute video gives you a great introduction to Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy, how it works and why it is different to standard hypnotherapy.

It isn’t just a question of lying down while someone else ‘fixes’ you – a lot of the work is done during conversation and I usually send clients a wordweaving mp3 to listen to at home to support our work in the session.  

Because it is tailor-made to you and your particular problem, it is very much more effective than standardised approaches that treat the problem rather than the person.


“I first booked an appointment with Karen to help me conquer my fear of driving so I could take my driving test.  After only a few sessions, I was able to start my driving lessons and passed my test first time! 

I have recently been back for help with mental preparation for marathon and ultra running events with great success.

With her kind, professional nature and gentle relaxing voice, Karen has the ability to put you completely at ease in her sessions.  I would highly recommend her.”


Personal Trainer & Endurance Athlete

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